Time to Change & Rearrange


Alright folks, let’s switch it up a bit!

When we started the book club a couple of months ago, I think everyone was a lot less busy and a lot more ambitious than we all are now. I’ve received a lot of feedback from folks about how much their schedules have changed — people started jobs or school or their Master’s thesis. I’ve received even more comments about how difficult it is to get your hands on books once they’re selected and complaints that people just can’t keep up. I have experienced this myself so I’m announcing a slight change to the schedule.

Instead of selecting a new book each month, I think it will be best to read one book every other month. That means it will go a little something like this:

Around the 1st of the month, a poll will go up on the blog and the Goodreads group to vote for the next book. Voting will be open for about 5 days and the book selection will be announced at the end of that week. We will continue reading the previous selection until the end of that month, when we’ll begin the next book. Then we repeat. That means that we’ll be voting for a new book halfway through reading the previous book. This will also give us more time for not just reading but discussing.

Got it? Probably not. Okay, an example… We’ve been reading bell hooks’ Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center for October. With the old schedule, right about now we would have picked the book for November. However, with the new plan, we’ll actually be voting on November 1st for December’s book and will keep reading bell hooks until December 1st. We’ll read that book for December and January. We’ll vote for the next book January 1st. We’ll read that book February and March. Got it? Hopefully so.

If not, just ask questions in the comments. Also comment on whether or not you like this new system. I figure we can give it a try for a bit and switch it if it’s still not to our liking. Comment away!


12 Responses to “Time to Change & Rearrange”

  1. 1 Amanda

    I’m definitely in sync with this new plan! This is a great idea! If generally people are less busy in the summer months, maybe we can switch it up then??

  2. Good idea, I’m still waiting for my copy of the bell hooks book to be delivered 😦

  3. This is awesome. I’ve been slowly reading the Bell Hooks book, but since classes have started I’m not able to tackle as much. This is perfect and gives all of us plenty of time.

  4. I really like this idea. Its almost the end of October and I am no where near where I would like to be with bell hooks because I want to really devote time to it instead of just skimming through it. This will take a lot of the pressure to finish te book off. Great idea!

  5. 5 AmandaS

    Yes! This is a great idea! I have only gotten a few chapters in, work has been making things difficult! I am loving the book so far!

  6. 6 AmandaS

    Oooo just a little advice if you haven’t gotten the book or find them hard to get, try thrift stores that carry books, that is where I got my bell hooks, for like under a dollar! (granted its the first edition, but it doesnt matter)

  7. Sounds great to me! I imagine people will only get busier with holidays coming up and whatnot.

  8. I’m in with this. I haven’t progressed very far with bell hooks because I am taking my time with all of her ideas.

    And I’m in several book clubs, not to mention doing reading for my own pleasure, life, blah, blah, blah…

  9. Sounds good to me…I’m only about 30 pages into bell hooks right now!

  10. new schedule is worth a try…

    I’m wondering if it makes sense to compile lists of suggested books by genre and/or subject. Or are we already doing this and I missed the memo?

    For instance, I just put 2 books on the list that I don’t want to read again, but I recommend them. They’re both hetero books, and I’m really bored with reading white, hetero, mainstream books. Just bored to death with these voices already…am I the oldest person here? I’m months shy of 56. Is my age showing or what????????????????

    So, whaddya think? Should we group suggestions in lists like “Non-Hetero” or “Non-White”…???…or is it just me????????????????????????????

  11. MadamaAmbi, I’m pretty sure it’s possible to arrange the books on the Goodreads shelf into other shelves as well (I know it is for personal profiles and will try it out for groups). I think that might help in organizing some of the books if others want to take part in that as well.

    As far as reading books that aren’t all white, het, etc., I think some months it will be easier to avoid this than others. The way I choose the books that we’ll vote on is by using a random number generator, picking four numbers, then going to the Goodreads bookshelf and selecting the books that come up. From there, it’s up to the book club which book to choose. I think most people are sick of reading the mainstream books so we probably won’t even read many of them.

    For my part, I’ll try to pay more attention to which books are chosen at random and perhaps choose another number if it seems the four books to choose from are not diverse. Does that sound good?

  12. sounds fine to me…it’s a realization I’ve come to that might not be shared by the rest of the group. I suspect my desire to read the book will wane if it’s by a white person and will increase if it’s not…it’s not so much that I haven’t read non-white, non-hetero authors, but that the unconscious privilege is simply unbearable for me these days…

    thanks much

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