Making Book Selections


The following description taken from the announcement post at Jump off the Bridge:

We will keep a growing list of books we’re interested in reading. These books will meet at least one of the following criteria (a list that will likely expand):

1) Written by a feminist and/or a woman
2) Aims to advance women’s rights and/or gender equality
3) Looks at the intersection of gender with race, class, sexuality, (dis)ability, ethnicity, trans identity, nationality, etc.
4) Has a strong female character as one of the main characters and/or contains several female characters
5) Sparks conversations about social justice and gender equality, without necessarily adhering to one of the aforementioned criteria

From this list of books, I will randomly select 3-5 picks to choose from and members will vote on the book to read for the next month.


3 Responses to “Making Book Selections”

  1. Excellent criteria!

  2. 2 Sarah

    I second Melissa? Can readers/members recommend books too?

  3. Yes Sarah. The full list of recommended books is currently featured on the Goodreads group, and it is a list put together from the recommendations book club members listed on a survey I sent out a couple of weeks ago. So whenever you have a suggestion, just add it to the Goodreads group if you’re a member, or simply send in an email or leave a comment.

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